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Since I was a little girl I fell deeply in love with reading, and as I've gotten older that has never changed.
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TITLE: Hoodlum
SERIES: Hood River Hoodlums #2
AUTHOR: K. Webster
GENRE: Forbidden romance
PUBLICATION: May 28th, 2020

From USA Today bestselling author K Webster comes a forbidden best friend's little sister romance called Little Hoodlum!

There are few people in this world I thought I could count on.
My brother. My two best friends. And him.
Jordy Martinez.

Problem is, Jordy thought protecting me was his sole mission in life.
He gave up everything for me and my brother, including his freedom.

Losing him left me hollow and empty.
But after three long years, I’ve learned to live without him.

Until I get mixed up with a guy who has dangerous connections in Hood River and everything begins to crash down around me just in time for my senior year of high school.

Possessive boyfriend with a penchant for violence.
Best friend turned enemy.
Fights with my big brother.

Everything’s a mess and I’m not sure there’s any fixing it.
I might just need that bully ex-convict who’ll do anything—again—to keep me safe.

All I want is peace, happiness, and love.
And I won’t go down without a fight in order to get it.
I’m a Hoodlum after all.

They call me Little Hoodlum, but I’m not so little anymore...
My Review
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is the first full length forbidden friends to romance book in the series 'Hood River Hoodlums', by K. Webster. This picked up right where the previous book left off. Spoken in 'Dual Perspectives.'

Guys if you've not read 'Hood River Rat' I recommend it!! It's the first book in this series!! And it's best to be read before jumping in on this one. It's amazing!! It's MM and is just so damn good, it's written so well and you come away with a heart so full and bursting.

You've already met these two characters within the first book, so it's only right that we get Jordy Martinez and Roux Hirsch's story. She's Roan's little sister, the one they all protect. They call me litle Hoodlum, but I'm not so little anymore. Jordy would protect her with his life and that's what he literally did. Now three years later he's back, but he never expects her to be so grown up, so out of his league, so beautiful, with a forbidden price tag on her forehead. She's his best friend's little sister.

But living under their roof until he can get back on his feet, a man can only handle temptation to a certain degree. It gets hot, it takes their chemistry to a whole new level, but being only seventeen could land his ass back in jail. It's a waiting game until she's legal.

If Jordy would give me the time of day. I'd let him do whatever he wanted to me. With Jordy, it feels safe. Comfortable. Like home.

She's mixed up with a bad group of guys. They run the town. Everyone is scared of them. They are bad to the bone..

Can Jordy save her this time again? Or is it going to be too late?


WOW! This was addictive, heartfelt, a page turner of epic proportions! This was like a warm blanket on a cold winters night wrapped around me as it gripped me with all the feels!

It’s all consuming, it’s gritty, it’s raw, it’s real, this took me on such a profound ride which I wasn’t expecting. I was wrapped up in a false sense of security when BAM things changed within a blink of an eye, heart racing, hope was my only companion as I raced to the finish line to see how the author was going to wrap it all up! And it was wrapped up in one heart pounding cliffy.

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