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TITLE: My Kind of Love

SERIES: Finding Love #1

AUTHOR: Nikki Ash

GENRE: Romance



Once upon a time, a boy and a girl met and fell in love…
That’s the way my love story began, but unlike the fairy tale, it ended with me standing in the cemetery, watching my prince get lowered into the ground, along with all our dreams.
Now he’s gone and I’m lost.
Until an impromptu trip to my family’s beach house has me spending time with Ryan.
With his help, I’m learning to live again and make plans for the future.
The only problem is, we both know they can’t include him.
So, when our time is up, we do the only thing we can do—go our separate ways.

My entire life, I’ve felt like the waves in a raging sea—crashing and breaking, never settling.
Until Micaela stormed in like a hurricane, colliding into my life and my heart.
I thought she’d be my destruction, but instead she turned out to be my calm.
The more time we spend together, the more life she breathes into both of us.
But all too quickly, our time is up and she’s ready to face her future—one I can’t be a part of.
So, I do the impossible and walk away.
But life is crazy, and love knows no bounds. You might’ve thought this is where our story ends, but the truth is… it’s only the beginning.  

My Kind of Love is a full-length stand-alone romance in the Finding Love series. 

My Review

is the first full length stand-alone romance book in Nikki Ash's 'Finding Love' series. Spoken in 'Dual Perspectives.'

❝ I don't know what it is about her, but something draws me in and holds me captive. I want to cut her open, learn all of her secrets, her deepest wishes and desires, and then sew her back together and make them all come true. ❞ - Ryan

I was craving an emotional tear jerker pull on my heart strings kind of read, and was hoping this would hit the spot, especially with the way she lost the love of her life, her husband Ian, but he's like a ship in the night due to his military life so because of his career we only get to see them as a couple very briefly so we don't connect with him like I was hoping. ❝ I was only married for seven months, and during that time I only saw him a few times.❞ I personally would've liked to have seen more of them as a couple so that, that emotional connection came through more for me.

But in saying that you do still have a somewhat emotional journey as we see Micaela struggling to move on with life, to making plans for her future without her husband beside her, to her falling in love with another military man. So as I reached that part in the story I'm glad I got that hit in the heart I was craving.


Both of them had hurdles they had to cross before they could move on, from Micaela healing to recently divorced, marrying out of friendship and not love. Ryan wholeheartedly believes he isn't capable of love, he craves the type of love his adoptive parents share.

Whilst both are at the beach house for their own reasons crossing paths for the first time the attraction between Ryan and Micaela was instant, it sizzled, it ignited, it blew up the pages, these two were so perfect for each other. He was her rock and she was his calmness in the storm. He grounded her, she stopped him running.

Ryan's parents are best friends with Micaela's grandparents, it's been years since these two have seen each other. Ryan is eight years older than Micaela.

In the life of a yoyo I went from a semi emotional story, to laughing, to catching the feels, to swooning. Even though I needed a tear duct cleansing this still made for an enjoyable read.

* Teaser used is off the authors facebook page *

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  1. Fantastic review, Kat! xo

    This sounds like it would put me through a ton of angst.


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