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TITLE: My Beautiful Poison
SERIES: Wicked Poison #1
AUTHOR: T.L. Smith
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: December 29th, 2020


I forgave him for the lies he told.
And I forgave him for breaking my body with his touch.
But I couldn’t forgive myself for staying.
Until I met you… my antidote.
I knew I couldn’t keep forgiving him, when I could be safe in your arms.
With your touch, there were no tears.
With your kisses, I could finally breathe.
You might be the villain in everyone’s story...
But not mine.

My Review

is the first full length romance book in the series 'Wicked Poison,' by T.L. Smith. Spoken in 'Dual Perspectives.'

As soon as this was released I was off to Amazon to #oneclick, I read this in one sitting so straight away that should give you a clue of how much I enjoyed this one. What could a bad boy ex con have in common with a girl raised with a silver spoon in her mouth?

A swoon worthy addictive page turner, which had me hooked throughout!!

August and Rylee were just perfect for each other, she's had a secret crush on him going back to their school years, though they didn't run in the same circle she was always aware of him. He was the bad boy thug hooking up and chasing the easy money until it was only a matter of time when it would all come falling down around his ears, and that happens when he's incarcerated.

Rylee was the good girl, always keeping within the lines, never making waves, living the life her mother expected of her, her twin sister was the complete opposite, with a free spirit, but their bond was fierce.

Now that he's released and trying to turn a leaf when their paths cross he doesn't know what to do about it, a hot and cold demeanour, a push and pull tug of war, an undeniable attraction.

❝The old me was dangerous and unpredictable. I need to be a better me. Otherwise, I'll end up where I just left.❞

This was an amazing start to what I assume is going to be an outstanding series! Romance, Drama, Suspense! What more could us readers ask for!


At times this had me in a fit of rage, god if I could jump inside my ipad and slap a bitch to Sunday I would gladly step in line behind many others I'm sure felt the same way as I did about her mother, even now my blood is boiling! And don't get me started on her douche bag cheating ex! God what was wrong with these people! This had my heart pumping with rage, loving the angsty stabby feels this created, these are the types of books I chase, ones that bring those angry stabby moments, the swoony moments, wanting me to coast on those moments longer so I'm eagerly awaiting the next instalment.

What I enjoyed the most about this was how the storyline flowed so flawlessly, making that connection with our main characters easy, I was infatuated with this story, never wanting it to end, just the right about of drama and spice, twists and turns which had me glued to my ipad, loving everything this author put into this book.

This is a must read, comes highly recommended by yours truly (5 thumbs up by me) 👍👍👍👍👍

* Teaser used is off the authors facebook page *

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