3 April 2019

They rule my new town
my school, and with more money than God, there’s very little out of their reach.

Four gorgeous, perfect, scary boys. There used to be five, but one of them died, leaving a fifth position that I now fill. 
I didn't ask for this. I didn't want to be part of this billionaire-boys-club. But no one cares about what I want.
Sebastian Beckett is the worst of them. Their leader. He draws me in, and strips me of every defense I have. He calls me Butterfly, but it's not a pet name, it's a threat. Beck wants nothing more than to break my wings, pin me to a board and watch me writhe.
He wants to see me broken. Body, heart and soul.

And what these elite want, they get.

Only they've never met Riley Jameson.

Let the battle begin.

**This dark romance features four sexy, dangerous boys but is NOT a reverse harem.**

TITLE: Broken Wings
SERIES: Dark Legacy
AUTHORS: Jaymin Eve & Tate James
GENRE: New Adult

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is the first full length new adult book in Jaymin Eve's & Tate James 'Dark Legacy' series. 

A rags to riches kind of story. 

This book right here exploded on facebook, it had been jumping up on my newsfeed all over the show. Then it came with a stamp of recommendation and one look at the reviews and I was sold. 

This centered around Riley, a strong resilient character, who literally within a blink of an eye just shy of turning eighteen loses her family, leaving her alone in the world, other than a best friend Dante whom she adored, she had no family who she could call her own.

BUT as a baby Riley was given up for adoption, which she knew about from a very early age...NOW though her birth mother has since come forward since the death of her parents and she's laying claim to her...All is not as it seems here. And this is where things get interesting. 

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Catherine Deboise is up to something and you're her pawn. We intend to see you wiped from the board before she can make her move. 
Now the guys...Holy shit...The guys... These four entitled guys are like no other characters I have ever come across, they are like claude Van Dam, I shit you not!! They are fighting machines that have learned from a very young age how to take care of themselves, even if that means killing. Yep you read it here!! 

Bec aka Sebastian, Jasper, Evan and Dylan.. Sebastian Roman Beckett. Self confessed king of Ducis Academy. Gorgeous or not, I'd still rather punch him in the face than kiss him. 
Dylan from the start might have looked the scariest, but he was the most caring. He was the one that held the others together. Bec was their leader, their fury, their fear. But Dylan was their heart. Loyal and lethal. A brotherhood. 
I one clicked this one in the hopes that it was going to be centered around the rich elite bullying snobs but god this book was so much more than that. It COMPLETELY took me by surprise. 
These guys weren't that bad at all, though the ending did have me questioning everything about them..Yes it does end in one bugga of a cliffy with the second book dangling way out of reach. I was hooked as soon as I started this, completely unique which is hard when it comes to this genre because it's been done so many times before BUT not by these two, these two went above and beyond with bringing us something fresh, something different, something that got it's hooks into me early on in the book and didn't let go. 

This book had layers upon layers nothing was as it seemed. 

This ticked all my boxes, the angst, the crazy hot guys, tough heroine, the sexy times, the terror filled times. So think 'The fast and the furious' with the illegal street racing, because yes this book even threw that into the mix, and I loved it..

* Teaser used is off the authors facebook page *

Jaymin Eve 
is the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and sci-fi novels filled with epic love stories, great adventures, and plenty of laughs. She lives in Australia with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and a couple of crazy pets. To date, she has sold close to two million ebooks, and still can't believe that she gets to create fantasy worlds as a job. 

For action, adventure, romance, and a guaranteed HEA, start one of her series today. 

Reading order:

Secret Keepers series (Paranormal Romance) House of Darken. House of Imperial. House of Leights. House of Royale. 

Storm Princess Saga (PNR/Fantasy) 
The Princess Must Die. The Princess Must Strike. The Princess Must Reign.

Curse of the Gods (Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance series) UpperYA/NA
Trickery. Persuasion. Seduction. Strength. Neutral. Pain.

Supernatural Prison (UF/PNR romance -shifter, vampire, fae, magic user) Upper YA/NA
Dragon Marked. Dragon Mystics. Dragon Mated. Broken Compass. Magical Compass.

NYC Mecca Series (UF/PNR Romance - shifters) Upper YA
Queen Heir. Queen Alpha. Queen Fae. Queen Mecca. 

Hive Trilogy (UF/PNR Romance - vampires) Upper YA
Ash. Anarchy. Annihilate. 

Walker Saga (Fantasy/adventure/romance - gods, mermaids, dragons) YA
First World. Spurn. Crais. Regali. Nephilius. Dronish. Earth. 

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