11 April 2019

“None of this matters, and we’re all going to die.”

With only three days left until the predicted apocalypse, the small town of Franklin Springs, Georgia, has become a wasteland of abandoned cars, abandoned homes, abandoned businesses, and abandoned people. People like Rainbow Williams. 

Rain isn’t afraid of dying. In fact, she’s looking forward to it. If she can just outrun her pain until April 23, she’ll never have to feel it at all. 

Wes Parker has survived every horrible thing this life has thrown at him with nothing more than his resourcefulness and disarming good looks. Why should the end of the world be any different? All he needs are some basic supplies, shelter, and a sucker willing to help him out, which is exactly what he finds when he returns to his hometown of Franklin Springs.

As society crumbles, dangers mount, and secrets refuse to stay buried, two lost souls are thrust together in a twist of fate—one who will do anything to survive and one who can’t wait to die. 

Perhaps, together, they can learn how to live.

Before their time runs out.
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Wes was my only hope. My only shot at life after April 23. Without him, my hours are numbered. Without him, I don't want the ones I have left.

is the first Dystopian book in new to me author B.B. Easton's 'Praying for Rain ' Trilogy. 

The apocalypse is coming April 23th..They only have 3 days left before the world they know ends...Those on the planet for almost a year have all been dreaming about the four horsemen of the apocalypse arriving on the 23rd of April. 

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In this we meet pill popping nineteen year old Rain aka 'Rainbow' and our twenty two year old hero Wes. Both struggling to survive. 
With only three things on their minds. Supplies..Shelter..Self defense.. Most of Wes's life he's only had himself to rely on, shunted from home to home until he finds himself back in the place he left all those years ago. Franklin Springs, Georgia. The only reason he came back was shelter. He never expected to come across Rain. He saves her from a precarious situation which could've easily taken a turn for the worst. 

I see the real Rain. Underneath all those fake smiles and that sassy attitude is a black ocean of sadness crashing against a crumbling lighthouse of hope. 

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Sometimes, he's relaxed and funny and..I don't know..kind of flirty. Then other times, he looks at me like he hates me. Like I'm his annoying little sister, and he's sick of me tagging along. 

Dystopian is not a genre I would normally raise my hand to read, I can honestly count on one hand how many I've read. So it was with trepidation coursing through my veins when this landed on my kindle worried that I wouldn't like it. But I was pleasantly surprised, because I did end up really enjoying this. 

I don’t even know how to go about writing up this review, nothing that I’ve read to date can even come close to being compared to this book. It was weirdly unique, it pulled me in and grabbed my attention from the get go, I inhaled it, I wanted to see if their world was going to implode, I loved the anticipation that raced through my bloodstream, the jitters when they’d find themselves in precarious situations, giving me a nail biting read.

BB Easton lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with her long-suffering husband, Ken, and two adorable children. She recently quit her job as a school psychologist to write stories about her punk rock past and deviant sexual history full-time. Ken is suuuper excited about it.

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