25 April 2019

We were supposed to be best friends
But turned out to be worst enemies…
TITLE: Pretty Reckless
SERIES: All Saints High #1
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: April 29th, 2019
They say revenge is a dish best served cold
I’d had four years to stew on what Daria Followhill did to me, and now my heart was completely iced.
I took her first kiss. 
She took the only thing I loved.
I was poor.
She was rich.
The good thing about circumstances? They can change. Fast.
Now, I’m her parents’ latest shiny project. 
Her housemate. Her tormentor. The captain of the rival football team she hates so much.
Yeah, baby girl, say it—I’m your foster brother. 
There’s a price to pay for ruining the only good thing in my life, and she’s about to shell out some serious tears.
Daria Followhill thinks she is THE queen. I’m about to prove to her that she’s nothing but a spoiled princess.

Everyone loves a good old unapologetic punk.
But being a bitch? Oh, you get slammed for every snarky comment, cynical eye roll, and foot you put in your adversaries’ way.
The thing about stiletto heels is that they make a hell of a dent when you walk all over the people who try to hurt you.
In Penn Scully’s case, I pierced his heart until he bled out, then left it in a trash can on a bright summer day. 
Four years ago, he asked me to save all my firsts for him.
Now he lives across the hall, and I want nothing more than to be his last everything.
His parting words when he gave me his heart were that nothing in this world is free.
Now? Now he is making me pay.
Kat's Review 
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Is the first book in L.J. Shen's 'All Saints High' series. This is Daria Followhill's & Penn Scully's story. 

🙌Get ready for a high octane read of Angst 🙌
Unquestionably a unique, unputdownable utterly fantastic read!! 

This book right here was one of my most highly anticipated, sought after, stalked its ass off, give it to me books. I would’ve given away a limb just to get my hands on it..Glad to inform, I am all intact.
I knew by just looking at that drool worthy cover that we’d be getting epic, and epic we did get. This book, god this book ticked all the boxes..

If like me angst filled books is your kryptonite then look no further than this, it comes at you full force. 

We're just two teenagers who never stood a chance to be friends in this world, so we became what was expected of us..Enemies. 

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A jealous fit of hulk rage at the age of fourteen had a domino effect and was the catalyst of teenage revenge which brewed away in the background for four years. Until a little black book and it’s sins was revealed. Daria Farrowhill had it all, it wasn't until it was nearly all ripped out from under her feet when she realised how good she really had it. 

Skull Eyes & Tin Man (you’ll realise the significance when you jump into this) fast became my favourite character couples. Even though she was the plastic princess and he was the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, these two were perfect for each other. He was the light to her dark, she was the door to his heart. 

Highly recommend this!! Easy five stars given!! 

Author Bio 
L.J. Shen is USA Today and Washington Post bestselling author of contemporary romance books. She lives in California with her husband, son and lazy cat.
When she's not writing, she enjoys reading a good book with a glass of wine and catching up on her favorite HBO and Netflix shows. 

Yeah, she's a badass like that.
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Anonymous said...

Amazing review!! I can't wait to read this. Love this author. Your review just makes me want to read this one even more!! Great job!!

Kitty Kats Crazy About Books said...

Thank you so much..I guarantee you will love this one..xox

terra archibald said...

Awesome review, glad to hear you liked it. Happy reading

bmw_up2 said...

Great review! This sounds like a fantastic read then.

You're so passionate about your books - ripping limbs off is no way to go through life though, so I'm pleased to hear you are all still intact!

Makes me want to have a read and that's mainly because of your enthusiasm and your words...oh...and the smoking hot book cover!!!

Deanna Reads Books said...

This looks interesting.

Kitty Kats Crazy About Books said...

Thanks guys. I love this author. She makes us readers fall in love with her ahole alphas so effortlessly. ANNNND all her covers have smoking over the top how guys *fans face*

Anonymous said...

Seriously this book was amazing. Your review was spot on, thank you so much for not divulging any spoilers. Can't wait to see what other books you rate 5 stars.

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