26 April 2019

Hit me. Kick me. Hurt me. Hate me.
TITLE: The Rebel of Raleigh High
AUTHOR: Callie Hart
GENRE: Dark | Romance
PUBLICATION: April 26th, 2019

Hit me. 
Kick me. 
Hurt me. 
Hate me. 
There’s nothing that the students of Raleigh High can do to Silver Parisi anymore. Over the past year, she’s had to endure more pain and suffering than most people are asked to bear in their lifetimes. She’s a pariah, an outcast, a ghost. She’s also never been one to take shit lying down, though…despite what half the football team might say. 
With only one hundred and sixty-eight days left of the school year, it won’t be long until graduation, and Silver’s planning on skipping town and leaving Raleigh firmly in her rearview mirror… 
Until he comes along…


Alex Moretti’s earned most of his labels, and he’s not shamed of a single one of them. He’ll earn far worse before he’s finished with his new found ‘friends’ at Raleigh High. Having spent years being ground down under the boot heel of society, it’s time for a little payback. And if exacting a revenge upon the heads of the Raleigh elite means he can also help the beautiful girl who hovers in the shadows, then that’s all for the better. 
Oil and water. Fire and ice. The differences between Silver and Alex are broader than any chasm. To reach one another, they must take a leap of faith and fall into the divide. 

And falling?
Nothing good ever came from falling.
Kat's Review
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Is the first, full length dark, romance novel by Callie Hart. 🙌 Get ready for Alex: The Rebel of Raleigh High'  🙌 He's going to shake this school up Unpredictable, Unputdownable, Unique, Unexpected. Utterly captivating!! 

Raleigh High is run by the entitled football jocks and the mean girls who think they fart gold coins. But one boy you don't want to cross is Jacob Weaving and his two minions. These boys are pure evil. 

Those guys are untouchable. Their families own the school. They own the whole town. Hell, they even own the cops. if you fuck with them, there'll be hell to pay, and it won't be any of them settling the bill.

Nine months ago seventeen year old Silver's life changed drastically and in the blink of an eye her so called friends turned their backs on her. Scrub that, the whole school turned their backs on her. Now she's cast aside like yesterday's trash. She's the most hated girl at school. She's counting the days down until she can leave highschool behind her One hundred and sixty nine days to go. 

Alex is the new boy in town with a rap sheet and tattoos maring his body, he's like a knight in shining armor riding in on the back of a harley he looks like he's off the series Sons of Anarchy. He has to keep his head down if he has any chance of taking his ten year old brother Ben under his wing as soon as he reaches eighteen. 

One girl that he sits next to in class catches his eye. She's the girl everyone ignores. The one no one seems to see. It's like she's a ghost walking the hallways. it doesn't take long before he's told to keep away from her. He didn't heed all the whispers. She's a pariah, an outcast, a ghost. He sees her. 

The oversized t-shirts she wears are a shield. A defense. She uses all that extra fabric to hide her body from hungry eyes. 

Alex has got Jacob Weaving in his sights. He's going to pay for what he did to Silver. He won't see what's coming.

There will come a day when Jakey Boy's crown slips, and I'll make sure the whole school is on hand to witness it. His fall from grace will make Silver's decent look like she tripped and landed on the world's most comfortable feather mattress. 

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I never told her, but I vowed to myself about three seconds after meeting Silver that I was going to make Jake and anyone else who had a hand in hurting her pay. 

I went into this ignoring the dark tag attached to this book, I even did the dark little happy dance, glad that I'd be getting that little dark fix, but as I’m reading and getting caught under the heroine’s and hero’s spell as their budding romance sparks nothing prepared me for all the hurt and darkness that was slowly creeping up on me. It’s not by any means an easy read. It’s graphic, even I had to get up and clear my head, admittedly I even welcomed doing the mundane chore of housework. 

And admittedly I even shed a little tear 😢Silver's story is a hard pill to swallow. 

And yet again being cloaked in a false sense of security as all hell breaks loose within the halls of Raleigh High, my palms got sweaty, my heart started beating erratically, cursing the author over the unfairness of the path she was leading me down, only to breathe a big sigh of relief when the storyline changed course.

I went into this one wondering how the author could spin this tale to make it stand out above all the other bullying books out there, also questioning how she would incorporate the dark aspect that's tagged to this story, and believe me she went above and beyond any bully book I've read..

I'm glad the author decided to do an extended epilogue, because it needed it, and sitting here gbsmaked over everything I'd just read I'm really wanting the next book to not be too far away. 
On a side note let it be noted how much I loved her dad..He brought a wee bit of lightness that this story needed.

* Teaser used is off the authors facebook page * 

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Anonymous said...

You had me at dark. I’ve read a few by this author and she always delivers such engaging books. Awesome review!

Kitty Kats Crazy About Books said...

Thank you so much..Not the darkest book I’ve read but it definitely ticked my box. I’ve also only read a few books by this author but really want to read more.

Deanna Reads Books said...

This one might be a wee bit too dark for me. Glad you enjoyed it!

Kitty Kats Crazy About Books said...

Thank you!! It's definitely a book that's not going to be for everyone xox

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